Why I chose drum circles

In April 2016 Alex Miles came to the school I was working in.  A lovely chap, Alex works with Kaya Drums.  He ran a drum circle for each class in the school.  Watching the children’s faces as he guided them through songs and making rhythms with the drums was a joy to behold.

Being the shy person I am (not really) I told him I wanted to do what he does!  He suggested I get myself on a course with the world-renowned Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles which after some research, I did.  I booked myself on the six-day intensive drum circle facilitators course to be held in Wiston in Scotland in the Autumn.

During the summer of 2016, I spent some Saturdays with Alex in Wiltshire where he runs drum circles for young people with learning disabilities.  I really believed I had found my niche.  I love the joy that the participants experience as they make enjoyable rhythms and feel the freedom that drum circles gives them.

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